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24 Hour Tree Services Anytime Of The Day

Trees are the prettiest things made by nature and can do wonders to the scenery. However, they can endanger personal and property safety for various reasons, sometimes during unexpected times. If you have noticed that there’s something wrong about your trees at any moment, you can call your 24 hour tree services that can serve you 24/7.

Emergency tree removal services can come to the rescue 24 hours of the day.

When To Call 24 Hour Tree Services


Call 24 hour tree services when a tree causes damage to your property due to natural calamities. This phenomenon can be storms, hurricanes, heavy rain, and earthquakes. Each of them can cause the entire tree or a branch, to fall onto your home or business, which in turn could cause injuries.

Even a seemingly mighty tree can still fall at a strong shake of the ground, or a gust of the wind. A tree’s old age can cause its sudden collapse, too.

Another reason to contact 24 hour tree services is when you notice that a tree already perishes. Such a tree can show cracks on its surface, may drop plenty of dead twigs, and have hollow trunks. All of these could make a tree a disaster waiting to happen.

A tree’s deficient roots should be checked by 24 hour tree services. When its roots become noticeably rotten, it will cause a tree to lean, which may lead to its eventual falling. A 24 hour tree services service will be able to determine if a tree is bound to cause damage to your home or the neighbors.

An unusual number of roots sprouting below the tree is a cause of worry, but it is nothing that 24 hour tree services cannot handle.

You can also enlist the help of 24 hour tree services when overgrown trees start to appear untidy, which also causes a mess of fallen branches and twigs. The 24 hour tree services can also help you with landscaping needs.

How Does 24 Hour Tree Services Work?


In the case of fallen trees, many 24 hour tree services use heavy equipment such as cranes to lift the trees off the ground. These cranes then load the trees on flatbed trucks, which will take the wood for chipping.

For removing branches, 24 hour tree services companies use the proper tools available to them. These tools include rope, which can help personnel climb trees, and powerful chainsaws that can cut branches of any size.


The Cost Of Tree Removal Services


The average cost for the services provided by the 24 hour tree removal solutions can range from $100 to $2,000, depending on the severity of damage and size of the tree. The local government in your area can assist in shouldering the tree removal cost when the tree is felled by a natural disaster. Check the regulations in your area about tree removal.

On the other hand, the cost of removal of a perished, or an unwelcome tree inside your property will most likely come out of your own pocket.


Safety Tips On Fallen Trees


How should you respond to a tree that has fallen onto your home, before the 24 hour tree services can get to it?

To ensure your safety and the safety of the people you live with is step number one. If a large tree causes significant damage to the house, you must turn off the power supply. This is done to prevent an electrical problem, which may lead to a fire.

Step number two is to evacuate the house. This is done even if you deem that the damage is not too severe, because your house’s structural strength may have already been weakened by the fall.

Stay away from the fallen tree as it has a chance of tumbling. Aside from the tree removal services, you can also call the local fire or police department to report the tree mishap.

File a claim with your insurance for homeowners should the damage be significant. Take as much documentation as possible, so you would be more likely to be covered for all the damages caused by the tree.




Emergency tree removal services can be reliable assets in maintaining the safety of your property, especially during natural calamities. However, you need not wait for a calamity to strike and a tree to collapse on your property.

You can take a look at a tree’s condition and assess if it needs the help of 24 hour tree services. You know how the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.