Storm Damage Tree Removal: Emergency Service Available 24/7

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Storm Damage Tree Removal: Emergency Service Available 24/7

Calamities Can Contribute To Tree Removal

Weather is one of the main reasons that can cause a tree to be damaged. Harsh weather can result in potential property damage, injuries, or safety risks around the community. Storm damage tree removal is the removal of common tree destruction during calamities. Soil condition changes that affect the structural stability of the tree are caused by changing weather conditions, and these cause trees to fall when storms occur. Throughout the year, storms are a natural phenomenon that hits any place around the globe. It brings strong winds, heavy rains, etc., that can cause a tree to damage. No one can control the weather, but these tree damages can be prevented, by trimming and pruning your trees regularly.


However, this type of maintenance is costly, and some homeowners forget their responsibility in taking care of their backyard trees. If there are trees that need to be removed, there are available storm damage tree removal services. These services are offered 24 hours a day and can be contacted in regards to any tree removal caused by storms.

Causes Of Tree Removal During Storms


People must understand that trees don’t fall without pre-existing conditions. We must also learn what causes the trees to fall off during storms. Here are the three reasons why:

  1. If there is a structural imbalance visibly seen in the tree’s stance, there is a greater possibility of dropping when faced with heavy rains and strong winds caused by storms. Trees with these conditions need to be removed immediately to prevent further damage.


  1. If the tree is wounded, this causes the tree’s tissues to be infected by fungi. When a tree is suffering from this, it weakens the overall structural stability of the tree. When the infected area caused by fungi totals to 40% of the tree trunk, there is a greater probability of it falling.


  1. If the tree has a root problem. Heavy rains caused by storms can soften the ground. It can weaken the roots and branches of the tree. These types of trees are vulnerable when hit by strong winds. Tree roots will be easily lifted and blow the tree away.

What Happened After The Storm?

The aftermath of storms includes chaotic mess that sometimes includes trees blocking the road, tree branches in your backyard, or property damage. Tree removal services are available at your disposal. They can tackle any storm-related tree emergencies using their proper tools and knowledge about how to handle different tree situations.

It is better to hire professionals in dealing with storm tree removals since there are various things to consider in doing post-storm tree work. Scenarios like this may be dangerous for unskilled people doing the job that may result in injury or even hospitalization. Professional tree workers know how to accomplish the task and deal with the situation without putting anyone at risk. It is important to remember that the main goal of these hired professionals is to remove anything that poses a threat to you or the community around you by using proper equipment and techniques. In that sense, always leave the storm damage tree removal to the professionals!